3 Minute Screening Recipe

Listen to the sheer simplicity of a fantastic screening protocol.

Are you ready for 80-100 new patients? Listen to it here for FREE, only on ChiroVision.

How to book between 80-100 new patients at your next event.

Click here to listen to a 3 Minute Screenings Explained, when done press the go back button on your browser.

With ChiroVision it is easier than ever to have great results.

  • 1 minute to ask questions.
  • 1 minute to check their spine
  • 1 minute to make an appointment
  • = 3 minutes to success.

ChiroVision™ Screening Recipe:

  • 1 Great introduction
  • 1 cup of overcoming objections of time and money
  • 1 “Finetouch” to remove their fear that you might hurt them
  • 1-2 scoops of ChiroVision animation to understand what you just felt on their bodies.
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of a “sincere reason” to reduce your fee at a screening
  • 1 great statement that has them value you and your time
  • Stir and don’t cook for more than 5 minutes.

When done with the ChiroVision new patient recipe, you will have an appointment, the $20.00 for the time slot they just booked and a person looking forward to being seen in your office.

Our last two events resulted in 84 and 44 new patients in just under 4 hours for both events!  Are you ready for that kind of success?

Call us at 1-800-GET WELL to learn how we can help your practice reach new highs.

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  1. Claude Lessard 13 July 2011 at 8:53 pm permalink

    Dear Dr. Feintuch,

    Thank you so much for ChiroVision. I’ve owned the software for over 10 years now and I can actually attest to the fact that the graphics are phenomenal and drive the points home.

    I am an educator of chiropractic and it is important to me that I have the right tools to get the job done. In order to educate people about chiropractic we must bring out of them what is already inside them. This is truly philosophical (Above-Down-Inside-Out). You see, the public already live the truth of chiropractic philosophy. They are just not aware of it. When I use ChiroVision and explain what’s going on within their bodies, they light up and they have what I call an: Ah-ha experience. They get it! It makes sense to them. Their clarity of perception is heightened when they SEE themselves as they truly are: Beautiful Organized Functioning Human Beings.

    I can show them coordination and uncoordination of the nerve system affecting all of the other systems of their bodies. I can show them precisely what they need in order to express fully the innate intelligence of the body and how their life experience will be enhanced as a result.

    Having been in practice for over 35 years, ChiroVision is second to none when it comes to assist the educational process of people about chiropractic. By the way, my lifetime P.V.A. is 220. ChiroVision is my partner and together we promote chiropractic effectively and professionally. If any one wishes to contact me to discuss the ChiroVision system, let them know about http://www.lessardchiropractic.com

    Also, Dr.Feintuch, know that YOU are very much appreciated by many.

    Claude Lessard, D.C.